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Miguel | Like A Knife

[Verse 1]
How do I tell you I’ve found somebody else
When you love me even more than you love yourself?
How do I break it to you without breaking your heart?
I know it’s gonna tear you apart and I can’t do that so I keep sneaking and cover all clues
Keepin it secret to keep it from you

But it’s like a knife cutting right through to my heart
Knowing when I’m there in her arms how much it would hurt you and that’s what’s killin me
And I hate the lies but I don’t know what else I can do
The lies are much more kind than the truth
And I don’t wanna hurt you

[Verse 2]
How do I tell you I don’t feel the same no more?
What I feel for someone else is what I’ve never felt before
How do I break it to you without makin you cry?
I couldn’t put one tear in your eyes
No I can’t do that
So I keep sneakin won’t let nothin show
Keepin it secret so you’ll never know


I can’t bare to break the heart that loves me
That is somethin I can’t do so I’ll just keep keepin it from you ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh….


How do I tell you I’ve found somebody else?

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